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The school

Dragon Rises Denmark has in terms of acupuncture education in 2018 merged with Nordic Acupuncture Education by school principal Vibeke Bergfors. See www.noakud.dk. Here, Claus Sørensen and Nigel Ching are the Professional Responsible for a completely unique acupuncture education with strong threads for an international environment and a very strong foundation in clinical practice and interaction with our clients / patients. The Shen-Hammer heart rate system is integrated into our new joint education – the only education in Denmark where Shen-Hammer heart rate diagnosis is taught at this level. And as something completely unique and as the first school in the world, we have officially integrated ‘Applied Channel Theory’ / ‘Meridian Palpation and Diagnosis’ according to Professor Wang Ju-Yi’s principles. The latter is done in close collaboration with Jason Robertson, Jonathan Chang and Nyssa Tang who are all Certified Instructors in this unique method. Please see www.channelpalpation.org

Seminars in pulse diagnosis

The Shen-Hammer pulse system is a unique pulse system that survived the Cultural Revolution in China. Dr. John H.F. Shen (1914-2001) studied at the Shanghai Technical College of Chinese Medicine in the early 1900s – a school founded by Ding Gan Ren. Ding Gan Ren came from the famous Menghe tradition. Dr. Shen subsequently learned the pulse system from Ding Gan Ren’s grandson; at this time in China, only the richest families could pay for this knowledge, which was traditionally passed down from father to son. This tradition and knowledge was brought to the United States in connection with Dr. Shen’s emigration here and later passed on to Dr. Leon Hammer. Today, this tradition lives on in the group of Certified Instructors in what is now known as the Shen-Hammer heart rate system. The Cultural Revolution has done much for Chinese Medicine for better or worse. Maybe that’s the reason Chinese medicine has survived, but many things have been lost on the way through the eye of the needle.

The heart rate system is a sophisticated method of understanding where we come from, where we are right now, and where we are headed as energetic people. The diagnostic method does not stand alone and is integrated with both tongue diagnosis and other diagnostic models / methods.

There is a new movement in the approach and understanding of Chinese Medicine and it is called ‘Classical Chinese Medicine’. This ‘new’ current probably comes primarily from the United States and England. Modern Chinese medicine is somewhat misleadingly called ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’. We seek at Dragon Rises Denmark to orient ourselves more towards the ‘classic’ approach, not because the ‘traditional’ does not work, but we have many experiences that the ‘classic’ approach is more simple and direct in its approach, and most importantly very effective.

Dragon Rises Denmark has gained unique insight into how the Master’s program at Dragon Rises College in Florida is structured. In the current Danish educational environment, we can not copy this structure, but we implement the components we can, including the unique heart rate system. The advantage of this connection, currently in the form of Claus Sørensen’s certification as an instructor in the pulse system, means that the natural further development and immersion that takes place in the pulse system and the environment around it, feeds knowledge into the education of future Danish acupuncturists and Chinese physicians. We are in the front line and all associated benefits will benefit.

‘The dragon is a symbol of strength and power, and the Dragon is considered the cosmic energy. The Red Bird, or the Phoenix Bird, is the emerging Soul that rises from the ashes and grows towards unity with God, Tao, all that is. So one can say that the Dragon is the strength and life force, and the Red Bird is the rhythm of the universe. Together they constitute the energetic development of a human being, complementing each other as Yin & Yang.
In Chinese vernacular, the Dragon is often the symbol of people considered skilled and unique. Then let the Dragon rise in us. ‘
(Quote from the book ‘Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies’ by Dr. Leon Hammer).

It is our stated goal with Dragon Rises Denmark to do what we can to strive for this, foster and nurture it in our clients and our students.

Dates for seminars in pulse diagnosis appear under the menu ‘Education, courses and lectures’. In addition, posts will be made on ‘Dragon Rises Denmark’ Facebook page about seminars and other courses.

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