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Reflexology in Ballerup – Near Herlev and Skovlunde

Dragon Rises Denmark offers reflexology in the center of Ballerup, but only for infants and children. Reflexology is a treatment method in which the body regains its balance. The purpose of this form of treatment is to prevent imbalances, which often manifest themselves in the run-up to illness. The primary treatment with reflexology is foot reflexology, however, there are also other zones such as: the ears, the face as well as the hands.

The treatment:

Reflexology is not in itself healing, however, it helps to speed up a healing process so that the body can heal itself faster. This type of treatment is one of the most recognized for children here in Denmark.

You must be aware of this:

It is natural that the body will react after a treatment in the form of, for example, a little headache, dizziness and / or nausea. This after-reaction means that the treatment has an effect and that the body is in the process of excreting the waste products that it does not need. That way, the body can restore balance. However, it must be said that it is seen much less frequently in children than adults.

We recommend:

We always recommend that the child drinks a little more water after treatment and takes it easy. The essential thing is to be good at yourself, as well as to listen to body signals.
When you as a parent start your child with a course, we will always recommend that you contact your private doctor so that you inform about your plans for your child to receive reflexology. In some cases, treatment will even mean that your child may reduce their intake of medication or even stop altogether. Reduction or stopping of medication intake should always be done in consultation with your doctor. I always ask you about possible medication consumption and intake of supplements, as it can affect the treatment and the way your child reacts in the process.

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The clinic is located very close to the station in Ballerup. You are welcome to contact the acupuncturist and reflexologist at the number 29651324

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