Prices for acupuncture- and reflexology treatment

New prices from 1.10.2023.​

1. treatment​

DKK 910,-​

Subsequent treatment

DKK 660,-​

5 treatments prepaid* (rabat 300,-)

DKK 3.250,-​

10 treatments prepaid* (rabat 650,-)

DKK 6.200,-​

½-hour health consultation

DKK 360,-​

​Cosmetic acupuncture

DKK 1.010,-​

For babies and kids under the age of 13 years

1. treatment​

DKK 710,-​

​Subsequent treatment

DKK 360,-​

5 treatments prepaid* (rabat 300,-)

DKK 1.950,-​

Observation practice for students

A whole day

DKK 610,-​

½ day

DKK 360,-​

​*Please note; payment must be prepaid and are non refundable, but if you get hindered you can give the remains to another person. Then note that this person needs to pay a little extra for the 1. treatment, DKK 250,- (for adults) and DKK 350,- (for kids). NB. Remember to check if your health insurance covers treatment.

Cancellation policy

Please note that you in case of cancellation must give 24 hour notice – but at least 1 normal workday notice. Otherwise you will be asked to pay the full price for one treatment. Thank you for your understanding


I receive MobilePay and cash.

Since 2002

Dragon Rises Denmark has been open since 2002.


Degree in Medicine and Acupuncture.


Chinese Herbalist trained since 2016.


Professional responsible for the acupuncture training.

​Contact me and hear more or book an appointment for treatment

You are always very welcome to contact me if you would like to hear more about how the use of Chinese herbs and selected herbal remedies is connected to your disorder and its treatment.

If you have other questions or would like to book an appointment with me, contact me and together we will find the right solution for you. I answer inquiries within 48 hours.​​

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