How does a treatment take place?

Both acupuncture and reflexology are based on a holistic human perception. In that view the whole person is treated, not just the symptom. For this reason it is relevant to get a thorough insight into your overall state of health. To achieve this I will ask a number of questions and use pulse and tongue diagnosis. Abdominal diagnosis (Fukushin) and Channel diagnosis (Applied Channel Theory) is also used. That will provide knowledge about your body’s condition and energy, strength or lack of the same in all internal organs. Once the diagnosis is determined the treatment begins. In treatment with reflexology I use pressure on different zones on the feet (only provided to babies and kids).

In acupuncture certain points on our channels (meridians) are contacted with thin needles. The channels correspond with our internal organs. The effect can be explained by needles making the energy flow more freely. You could say that the channels are like roads with traffic and the channel points are the traffic lights. Through the traffic lights it is possible to regulate the traffic or energy so that it will flow harmoniously again. In this picture the internal organs could be seen as cities connected by a network of roads. If the roads are blocked the passage in the cities and between the cities will stop the traffic and form queues. In addition to treatment I offer guidance how to influence your condition for better balance. The word `crisis` means turning point and my purpose with treatment is to create space for a positive change.

Your role in the process

You are yourself part of the solution to the imbalances that have settled in the organism. Often these imbalances have been under way for several years. Therefore it may take time to restore a more balanced physiology again. Most imbalances are stored in layers and over time the layers are peeled off. Your recovery is a collaboration between yours and my efforts.

Reactions to treatment

We respond differently to treatment and it can be difficult to predict the response of the organism and the mind. Some of the typical reactions to treatment are:

  • pleasure
  • fatigue, relaxation, deep sleep
  • greater mobility
  • increased bowel function or change in bowel movement
  • dark cloudy urine
  • excretion of secretions through nose and throat
  • infirmities that have not been cured can flare up
  • mood swings

In most cases, these reactions should not be perceived as an aggravation but as a movement towards balance.

Can the treatment be dangerous?

I have a long-term education and generally there are few side effects associated with treatment. In fact most “side effects” can be seen as a positive response to treatment. I use sterile disposable needles so the risk of transmitting infectious diseases is eliminated. In addition, for your safety I have a patient liability insurance. All information given to me in connection with treatment is subject to professional secrecy.

Needle terror?

It is natural and quite alright to have needle terror. Remember, however, that the acupuncture needles are very thin and usually only a small prick is felt on insertion of the needle. If you cannot overcome the needles you can receive treatment anyway. I also work with moxibustion, cupping, guasha and Chinese herbs.


In addition, I also offer reflexology. Reflexology is not curative in itself but it helps accelerate the body’s healing process. Reflexology is used to restore the balance. The reason for this is that imbalance is most likely to occur when the disease is raised. This overall purpose is the basis for the theory of reflexology. This type of treatment is one of the most recognized in Denmark. I only provide reflexology to babies and kids.

How many treatments do I need?

Sometimes a few treatments can bring the body back into balance sometimes the imbalance requires more treatments. Usually acute problems require fewer treatments while chronic disorders require a course of treatments.

Should I inform my doctor?

If you are in other treatment with your doctor or other therapist I always recommend that you inform them about your plans to receive acupuncture. In some cases treatment will allow you to reduce the consumption of medication or even stop completely. Reduction or discontinuation of medication should always be done in consultation with your doctor. In treatment you will find that I ask about drug consumption and dietary supplements as it may affect your treatment and the way you respond to it.

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