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Prices for acupuncture- and reflexology treatment

Dear clients, from April the 1st 2022, my prices will go up a bit. They haven’t been adjusted for more than 8 years, but everything around us has become more expensive including my rent, electricity, heating etc.

1. treatment
DKK 900,-

(1½ hour)

Subsequent treatment
DKK 650,-

(1 hour)

5 treatments prepaid* (discount 300,-)
DKK 3.200,-
10 treatments prepaid* (discount 650,-)
DKK 6.100,-
½-hour health consultation
DKK 350,
Cosmetic acupuncture
DKK 1.000,-

(1½ hour)

For babies and kids under the age of 13 years

1. treatment
DKK 700,-

(1 hour)

Subsequent treatment
DKK 350,-

(½ hour)

5 treatments prepaid* (rabat 200,-)
DKK 1.900,-

Observation practice for students

A whole day
DKK 600,-
½ day
DKK 350,-

*Please note; payment must be prepaid and are non refundable, but if you get hindered you can give the remains to another person. Then note that this person needs to pay a little extra for the 1. treatment, DKK 250,- (for adults) and DKK 350,- (for kids) .

NB. Remember to check if your health insurance covers treatment.

Cancellation policy

Please note that you in case of cancellation must give 24 hour notice – but at least 1 normal workday notice. Otherwise you will be asked to pay the full price for one treatment. Thank you for your understanding


I receive MobilePay and cash.

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    I also offer cosmetic acupuncture - a natural alternative to surgical procedures and more like.